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Party with a purpose – The Great Humpty Mask-a-Raise Ball

We were delighted to be invited to The Great Humpty Mask-a-Raise Ball. The evening was an enormous success with more than $750,000 being raised to support the work of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. Two Monkeys Foundation supported the vital work of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation with a donation and by purchasing an Astodia Diaphanoscope for Port Augusta Hospital. The Astodia Diaphanoscope enables the identification of air or liquid-filled structures deep below the skin’s surface. It is particularly suitable for paediatrics, especially for premature and newborn babies. Veins and arterial vessels in the extremities can be clearly visualised for puncture access.

Where nature shines, let there be light!

Wild Lights at Taronga Zoo is back as a Vivid Sydney location for 2022. Two Monkeys Foundation was very fortunate to be invited by The Taronga Foundation to preview this delightful event ahead of the public opening on 27th May.

Along with Ben and Sophia (… who we hope will become more active in the Foundation in the coming years), we enjoyed delicious hospitality and a rare, rain free evening wandering the zoo at night. The illuminations were fantastic but as always the spectacular Sydney skyline, perfectly visible from the zoo, stole the show.

Jellyfish’s stinging cells hold clues to biodiversity

The cnidocytes, or stinging cells, that are characteristic of sea anemones, hydrae, corals and jellyfish, and make us careful of our feet while wading in the ocean, are also an excellent model for understanding the emergence of new cell types, according to new research from Cornell University.

Solitude is the new Solidarity

… “In the blink of an eye our world has become unrecognisable. COVID-19 is redefining our reality and there is potential for despair to settle in our communities. I was inspired by this heartfelt letter from David Ritter, CEO GreenPeace Australia Pacific and wanted to share it here (… with permission from David). Love and best wishes to all during these strange days from The Two Monkeys Foundation” … Emma

Unprecedented, devastating fires ravaged Australia in summer 2019/20. Twenty seven people died, over one billion animals perished, approximately 10 million hectares burned and more than 2000 homes were destroyed.

… “We love our country and we are heartbroken by the catastrophic effect this bushfire season has had on people, animals and wilderness areas of Australia. The losses will be felt far into the future, long after the fires have been extinguished” … Emma.

It was a fabulous night at the Rewilding Australia’s 5th Birthday Celebration and Art Auction. The February 7th (2020) event celebrated Australian artists, raising money in support of native wildlife. Hosted by The Lyons Gallery in Paddington and sponsored by Young Henry’s, the evening included silent and live auctions as well as presentations by scientist about rebuilding our fragile ecosystems. I was fortunate to have the winning bid on two original works by Shannon Dwyer with 100% of the money from all auctions going to Rewilding Australia –


Operation Pahu Launch – Sea Shepherd New Zealand … helping to protect the Hectors Dolphin

Keith and I were fortunate to attend the Passion and Purpose presentation with Audette Exel AO on the 20th of November 2018 (hosted by Australian Philanthropic Services). Elected a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Audette is the founder of the Adara Group, established in 1998, and CEO of its Australian financial services businesses, Adara Advisors Pty. Ltd. and Adara Partners (Australia) Pty. Ltd. The Adara businesses were established “for purpose” with the principle objective of supporting Adara Development. Adara Development is focussed on improving health and education for women, children and communities living in poverty, through best practice service delivery and sharing knowledge globally.

Dan Pallotta – The way we think about charitable giving is dead wrong!

Environmentally sustainable, prepackaged datacenter units that can be ordered to size, rapidly deployed and left to operate ‘lights out’ on the seafloor for years …

… “Keith and I (Two Monkeys Foundation) were incredibly lucky to be invited to join a small group of WWF staff and supporters ‘Turtle Tagging’ in North Queensland in October 2019. The trip served to further crystallise why our Foundation will continue to support WWF Australia, who work on our behalf to preserve and protect wild places, wild creatures and underpin the dedication of amazing people. On this trip the ongoing research partnership between WWF, James Cook University and Traditional Custodians (the Gudjuda Rangers) was bought into focus. We were able to see, first-hand, the link between grant dollars – research projects financed – species and ecosystems supported. We are deeply grateful to have shared this unique experience, exchanged ideas and spent time with amazing people, not to mention a few beautiful sea turtles.” … Emma

Students invent a beach vacuum to remove micro-plasics!

On the 3rd of December we attended the inaugural WWF-Australia’s Forum on Investment in a Sustainable Blue Economy at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.We were so grateful to be able to step onto Matt Allen’s yacht, Ichi Ban as well as hear Stacey Jackson speak about her experience as a champion global ocean sailor. The WWF team of experts shared their passion, knowledge and cast the spotlight on ambitious programs to tackle ocean plastic waste, track seafood supply chains, ensure sustainable agriculture, safeguard The Barrier Reef and Antarctica, track whales with drones and so much more.

Scientists stumbled upon a plastic-eating bacterium—then accidentally made it stronger


… “Henceforth, BlackRock will divest a certain type of company from all of its active funds: those who mine thermal coal.” … Larry Fink

This is an interesting article from Motley Fools, Scott Phillips, published after the announcement by the BlackRock CEO on January 18th, 2020. BlackRock will be divesting from companies that generate 25% or more of their revenue from thermal coal. BlackRock plans to increase its investment in exchange traded funds that focus on sustainability. While Mr Phillips questions the motivation of the companies plans, the net affect would seem to indicate a positive outcome for the environment.