Charities we are proud to support in 2020

Worldwide Fund for Nature – Australia

The Australian Marine Conservation Society

Green Peace Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia

Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Unprecendented, devastating fires ravaged Australia in summer 2019/20. At the time of writing, 27 people had died, over 1 billion animals had perished, approximately 10 million hectares had burned and more than 2000 homes had been destroyed.

…”We love our country and we are heartbroken by the catastrophic effect this bushfire season has had on people, animals and wilderness areas of Australia. The losses will be felt far into the future, long after the fires have been extinguished.” … Emma

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS)

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the lead combat agency for bush fires in NSW. For over 100 years they have been a significant part of the history and landscape of NSW. The NSW RFS is widely acknowledged as the largest volunteer fire service in the world. Members of the NSW RFS are trained to very high levels of competence to ensure they know what to do in an emergency. The Service aims to reduce the likelihood and consequence of fires occurring. This involves comprehensive risk management programs to reduce bush fire hazards, reduce fire ignitions and the development of regulations for bush fire prone areas.

WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.)

WIRES (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. During the bushfires volunteers are in the field rescuing injured/orphaned animals, providing emergency veterinary care and long term rehabilitation.