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Who Gives A Crap began after its founders learned that roughly 40% of the human population don’t have access to a toilet. That equates to about 2.3 billion people across the world living with inadequate sanitation, leading to diarrhoeal diseases that tragically result in the death of around 289,000 children under five each year.

After launching a crowdfunding campaign – in which one of the founders sat on a toilet for 50 hours – Who Gives A Crap was officially launched in March 2013. Not only is the toilet paper made from environmentally-friendly materials, they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for communities in need.

A company on a mission to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans, which mainly comes from food and drink packaging being dumped into the sea, Returnr provides reusable packaging for food. Known as the ultimate ‘Pack, Empty, Collect, Wash, and Reuse’ company, Returnr offers groceries and pre-made meals from both boutique and specialty brands.

the Bondi Alchemist was originally created when founder Jarra Campbell started surfing and realised there wasn’t much choice when it came to sustainable, ethical, unique, flattering AND technically made surf wear for women.

tBA provides surf wear made with care for their customers, care for the environment and a deep love of the ocean. Ethically Hand Made from Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Materials including Carvico, a premium fabric made from recycled fishing nets and other recycled resources by happy workers in a factory that Jarra regularly visit in Bali. Visit the tBA website and support this wonderful local, business.

CatFish Creative believe that design is a conduit for positive change for people and the planet. As the designs and experiences we create pass through the hands, minds and hearts of people, we have an opportunity to weave positive messages and behaviours into the broader fabric of culture and to shift consumption and lifestyle aspirations to a more mindful and abundant basis for living that benefits all. Catfish works with the change makers, the organisations and groups who are doing meaningful work on social impact, humanitarian, conservation and positive change projects across Australia and the world.

4 Ocean – Ocean Plastic Recovery.Made with recycled materials, every bracelet purchased from 4Ocean funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. In less than 2 years, 4Ocean has removed 4,158,244 pounds of trash from the environment. 4Ocean currently operates out of multiple countries and employs over 150 people worldwide.

The #untrashy vibe is to have fun, be respectful and embrace the journey to zero-waste in a realistic and affordable way. They provide sustainable, ethical and practical alternatives to single-use plastic products.

By collaborating with community organisations, businesses and local councils, #untrashy are advocating for real change to reduce our consumption and minimise our footprint.

Plastic Police is a local community engagement program to collect, recycle and reuse soft plastics, keeping it out of landfill and the environment. They partner with organisations, including businesses, councils and schools, to collect soft plastics and turn it into new and useful products for local communities to enjoy. The Plastic Police aim to engage, inspire and empower individuals, businesses and communities to act when it comes to reducing and better managing end-of-life soft plastic waste. They help organisations connect and be part of the solution to close the loop on soft plastics generated in our organisations, homes and local communities.